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I chose the Boiler Flex Unlimited Meal Plan because...

"I would rather eat multiple small meals through out the day than be forced to overload my plate a couple times a day."
– Nick Johnson
"I eat three meals a day, and I like the variety of the dining courts."
– Nathan Spratt
"It fit my eating habits. I generally eat 3 meals a day and this plan allows me to do so. The other meals give me the ability of having 3 meals a day, but I would have to find food for several meals during a given week and the Boiler flex plan is more cost effective in that manner.  However, the cost of this plan is a little bit on the high side, but when compared to the factors presented in the other plans, this one is better in most if not all aspects."
Purdue Dining & Catering

“It allows for me to not worry about running out of meals.
– Clinton Wilhight
“I am a big guy and I eat more like four or five mid sized meals throughout the day. It will help me to be healthier and save me time and money to not have to worry about limited swipes or when and how much I eat at each trip to the dining court.”
"I am not limited to the number of times I can enter a dining court. If there is miscommunication between me and my friends, and I accidentally swipe into the wrong dining court, it's no big deal because I can just leave and swipe into another one. Also, I can go to On-the-GO! once every day, so I can stock up on snacks in my dorm room. I also think $125 in dining dollars is more than enough for one semester."

"I like the flexibility of eating more smaller meals than less large meals without using all my swipes up. I also like the amount of dining dollars that are offered with the flex plan."
"The other meal plans had too few swipes. It was the most reasonable plan."
"It was the closest plan to how many swipes I actually use in a week (not including on the go). I generally use ~18."

"The Boiler Flex Unlimited meal plan is the only meal plan that really allows students to eat three meals a day without running out of swipes early."