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Jump Start Student Employment Program


Jumpstart is an opportunity for students to begin employment prior to attending Boiler Gold Rush (BGR). Students arrive on campus six days before the start of BGR and move into their residence hall with the assistance of our Jumpstart trainers. The early arrival cost is paid for by Purdue Dining & Culinary, along with meals. This training helps students learn how to balance working and classes along with training for their specific jobs task. Students will also participate in variety of activities to get to know campus as well as make new friends with fellow co-workers. Participants in this program are eligible to be refunded for BGR fees if they work their operations' required number of shifts through BGR. If you have questions about the Jumpstart program, please email:


"Jumpstart was a major help with developing my communication skills with both co-workers and customers at my job. Doing Jumpstart was a great experience and I hope others can have the same opportunities I had for years to come." ~ Alicia Armstrong, Pappy's Sweet Shop

“I think Jumpstart was fantastic. It allowed me to arrive on campus before other students and do some exploring as well as getting settled in before all the hustle and bustle of BGR week. It also gave me an advantage compared to the students who take a job after they arrive on campus because I was a few weeks ahead of them experience wise. ~ Chad Keyser, Ford Dining Court

“Jumpstart not only allows you to get a preview of the work to come, but it also allows you to get accustomed to the campus through all the fun activities you participate in. Overall, doing Jumpstart is definitely worthwhile and one of the best decisions I have made.” ~ Erin Dubin, Hillenbrand Dining Court