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Lunar New Year

2018 Year of the Earth Dog

Friday, February 16, 2018

Cultural Event Celebration Menu

Lemongrass Logo

Baos, Potstickers, Crab Rangoons & Tea Eggs

Steamed Jasmine and Fried Rice

Char Sui Pork
Curry Fish Ball
Curry Beef stew
Turnip Cake (V)
Steamed Fish Pockets (V)
Orange Chicken

Regular (1 side + 2 entrée servings)
Large (1 side + 3 entrée servings)

Sticky Rice Cake

Cultural Lunch

A variety of specialty menu items will be available at each of the Residential Dining Courts.

Visit to see each menu.

These events are included with meal swipe. Guests may dine for $12.31 per person.

In partnership with:
Peruvian Association at Purdue 
Hong Kong Student Association 
Undergraduate Chinese Association (UCA) 
Purdue University Malaysian Students Association (PUMSA) 
Purdue University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (PUCSSA) 
Vietnamese International Student Association at Purdue University