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Explore Your Plan

Explore Your Plan

Discover how your meal swipes make it easy to plan around your tastes and schedule to keep you on the move. 

Lunch Swipes

  • Catch the “lunch” bus to dine @ Earhart & Hillenbrand.
    Ride the Gold or Silver loops that drop off and pick up right in front of these dining courts. Just a 10-minute round trip from campus!

  • The Daily Bite Food Truck is now closer to you! 
    Located on Third Street, across from Bechtel, Monday – Friday.

  • Try 1bowl @ Meredith
    A new dining experience with global flavors. 

  • Grab a Pete’s Za @ Meredith!
    Enjoy a 12-inch pizza and drink.

  • Visit Cary Knight Spot Grill, located in Cary Quad!
    Just minutes away from the engineering mall. 

  • Take Out @ Hillenbrand!
    Grab your meal in our reusable green boxes. Don’t forget your reusable mug!

  • On-The-GO! @ Earhart, Ford and Windsor.
    Enjoy a chef-inspired meal.
  • Watch your phone for Pop-Up Meals @ Cosi!
    These are limited-time opportunities. Don't forget to download the Purdue Dining App! 

Dinner Swipes

  • Dine early or dine late @ the dining courts.
    Check out our continuous serve locations at Windsor, Hillenbrand and Ford.

  • Have dinner @ the Purdue Memorial Union!
    Choose from six dining operations with multiple options, now including Villa Pizza and Green Leaf’s.

  • Watch your phone for Pop-Up Meals @ Harrison Grill!  
    These are limited-time opportunities. Don’t forget to download the Purdue Dining App! 

  • Don’t forget The Daily Bite! 
    Visit to track the truck down.

  • Pete’s Za or 1bowl! 
    Meet us at Meredith for dinner. 

  • Visit Cary Knight Spot Grill on the southeast corner of Cary Quad

  • Enjoy a chef-inspired meal at On-The-GO! @ Earhart, Ford and Windsor.

Know Your Options and Explore Your Plan!