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Special Dietary Needs

Vegan and Vegetarian


Purdue Dining & Culinary Residential dining locations label food items as vegan and vegetarian using an icon. These icons can be seen on our mobile app, Menus Online , Net Nutrition , and service line item cards. Our online resources can help students find vegan and vegetarian offerings at the Residential dining locations. 

Disclaimer: We label our fried foods based on the ingredient list on the packaging. Certain cooking methods like deep-frying may alter an individual’s perception of whether or not an item is considered vegan or vegetarian. Please ask a dining employee about the preparation of your food item if you have concerns about how a food is labeled.

Vegetarian icon/
Vegan icon/
Icons used to identify vegetarian and vegan food items in Residential dining locations.

Dietary Station

All five dining courts will offer a complete vegan meal at lunch and dinner. The menu will not contain any animal products (meat, fish, eggs, dairy, gelatin, or honey). Students will receive a full, balanced meal at this station including a plant-based protein, starch/grain, and hot vegetable.


The Hillel Foundation in collaboration with Purdue Dining & Culinary provides kosher meals for students with a meal plan. Hillel offers dinners for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and a Break-the-Fast at the conclusion of Yom Kippur. Hillel also offers multiple meals during Passover. Students with a Purdue Dining & Culinary Meal Plan may dine at the Hillel Foundation for these meals and have their meal plan charged. For more information about the Hillel Foundation, please visit their website at .


Purdue University dining courts offer entrée option for students seeking halal meals.

  • All of the lamb served in the dining courts is halal.
  • The dietary stations in all five dining courts offer halal chicken on request.