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Special Dietary Needs

Vegan and Vegetarian


Purdue Dining & Culinary Residential dining locations label food items as vegan and vegetarian using an icon. These icons can be seen on our mobile app, Menus Online and Net Nutrition. Our online resources can help students find vegan and vegetarian offerings at the Residential dining locations. 

Disclaimer: We label our fried foods based on the ingredient list on the packaging. Certain cooking methods like deep-frying may alter an individual’s perception of whether or not an item is considered vegan or vegetarian. Please ask a dining employee about the preparation of your food item if you have concerns about how a food is labeled.

Vegetarian icon/
Vegan icon/
Icons used to identify vegetarian and vegan food items in Residential dining locations.

Specialty Stations

Several dining courts operate a specialty station dedicated to vegan and vegetarian food. Vegan and vegetarian students are not limited to only eating at these stations; they may find that the offerings at our other stations meet their needs.

  • Ford - Simple Servings
  • Windsor - Vegetarian
Simple Servings stations consist of a rotating plant-based protein, grain/starch, and hot vegetable. The offerings at this station are free of all animal products.

The dining courts also offer a variety of build-your-own stations, which are customizable to the needs and preferences of our students. Examples of custom entrees include pizza, pasta, stir-fry, burrito, salad, and deli sandwich. Students are free to leave off any animal products such as meat, milk, egg, honey, etc. Students may also select the plant-based proteins at these stations like tofu, soy crumbles, beans, chickpeas, etc.


Windsor Dining Court offers halal food at lunch and dinner. This includes a variety of halal proteins including beef, chicken, and fish. Windsor also has a large selection of plant-based protein options in its menu rotation.



We do not have a certified Kosher kitchen.  Students following a strict Kosher diet should reach out to our dietitian at