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About Dining Dollars

What are Dining Dollars and where can I use them?

Students can use Dining Dollars to buy snacks, beverages, convenience store items or extra meals for themselves or guests in any of the residential dining courts or retail operations. They are automatically part of most meal plans and come loaded on a student's Purdue ID card. Dining Dollars can also be used to buy a milkshake or order late night pizza from Harrison Grill, grab a burger at Cary Knight Spot or grab a quick bite in between classes at any retail location in the Union Commons at PMU. Stop by Cosí in the Honors College to grab a soup or sandwich. Dining Dollars can be used at our cafés, restaurant locations and markets throughout academic campus.

Dining Dollars can be used to fill your coffee craving. Grab a drink at one of our three Starbucks® locations (on Northwestern, Third Street Suites Ground Floor, PMU Union Commons). Several additional coffee brands, Seattle's Best, Jim's Organic, Peet's and the We Proudly Serve™ Starbucks programs are available in various campus retail locations, all through easy use of their Dining Dollars.

Dining Dollar FAQs

What is the difference between Dining Dollars and BoilerExpress?

Dining Dollars are a part of your meal plan and can be used to buy additional meals, snacks, or mini mart items in Purdue Dining & Culinary facilities. Dining Dollars will be added to your account in two installments: one at the beginning of the Fall semester, and the second installment at the beginning of the Spring semester. They are not refundable and expire at the end of the contract. Your BoilerExpress account is one that you open which allows you to use your Purdue ID instead of cash at any participating food or nonfood location on campus.

Can I only use Dining Dollars during meal periods?

Dining dollars can be used at any time Purdue Dining & Culinary operations are open. They can be used to buy additional meals in dining locations or make purchases in retail operations.

How will I know how many Dining Dollars and BoilerExpress dollars I have left in my accounts?

An account balance and printed receipt will be available at the time of your purchase or transaction. Without a transaction, you can get a balance at your residence main office or at a reader in any dining service location. Monthly account statements will be available to students who have  BoilerExpress debit accounts. You can view all of your account balances by visiting e-Accounts.

What happens if I don’t use up all of my Dining Dollars or all of the money in my BoilerExpress account by the end of the semester?

Unused Dining Dollars are not refundable, as they are a part of your contract meal plan and expire at the end of the contract. Dining Dollars will be carried over from fall to spring semester. Unused BoilerExpress funds can be refunded at the end of the school year or whenever the student withdraws from school. A fee of $10 will be charged to close a debit account.

Can I use Dining Dollars to buy school supplies and laundry detergent in the mini marts?

Yes. Dining Dollars may be used for purchases in any Purdue Dining & Culinary retail operation.

Will I be able to pay for a guest by swiping my card and using my Dining Dollars?

Yes, you will be able to have a guest eat a meal with you and pay for it with your Dining Dollars.

Can I sell, trade or gift my Dining Dollars?

No, Dining Dollars are not transferrable. You may not sell, trade or gift your Dining Dollars to others. This act will result in the card being confiscated and a judicial process will follow. 

Can I use Dining Dollars at Purdue Memorial Union dining operations?

Yes, students can use all of their Dining Dollars in Purdue Memorial Union as well as any Purdue Dining & Culinary retail operation on campus.