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Together, we can Protect Purdue.

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Purdue University Dining & Culinary

College life can be hectic. Classwork, student organizations and social activities put demands on your time and energy. Purdue University Dining & Culinary keeps you fueled and ready to go.

Our Mission

To nourish and inspire the Purdue community.

Student Life Vision - Student Life Is You (SLISU) 

Student Life is committed to student learning and the success of all students. We focus on cocurricular education and leadership development as an integral part of the Purdue experience. In collaboration with our colleagues across the entire campus, we challenge students, faculty and staff to explore the value of one another so that we can lead in our local communities and in our global society.

Student Life acts responsibly in all endeavors and our staff aspires to uphold the highest professional principles and practices as we fulfill our pledges to our students.

Student Life Principles
Student Life is …

Student Life Practices
Staff will …

Student Life Pledges
Students will …

Student Learning

Instill in all students the importance of continuous intellectual growth.
Provide students with academic or social learning opportunities through programming, work or internship positions, or direct teaching or training

Experience cocurricular opportunities where classroom learning intersects with real world practice.

Leadership Development

Create opportunities for students to lead and increase their capacity to make a difference.
Mentor students or create opportunities for students to demonstrate skills and responsibility.

Explore their interests while serving local and global societies.


Develop community through advocacy, support and active participation.
Build community by taking an active role in students' lives or participating in groups or events with students and staff from all backgrounds.

Embrace human diversity, the value of each individual and the importance of civility.


Honor the organization and implement ideas to optimize resources.
Reduce department costs without sacrificing quality of service or improve existing service through maintenance and innovation. 

Access programs and services that advance understanding and well-being.


Create a culture of teamwork and collaboration. 
Be a positive influence in the workplace and look for ways to coordinate efforts with coworkers to better serve the student population.

Become partners in their own learning, seeking out opportunities that enhance their education.