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News feed from Dining & Catering at Purdue University.

Pappy's Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Ad It starts with Texas Toast, topped with an egg, sausage, bacon and 2 slices of American cheese... $4.99

Lemongrass Now Serving Poke Bowls!


Marinated sashimi tuna or salmon served on rice with lettuce, a variety of fresh vegetables, Ponzu and Gochujang sauce*. Vegetarian versions made with Tofu also available. *Contains raw fish.

Check Out Our New Poke Bowl at Lemongrass in PMU


Marinated sashimi tuna or salmon served on rice with lettuce, a variety of fresh vegetables, Ponzu and Gochujang sauce*. Vegetarian versions made with Tofu also available. *Contains raw fish.

Come Try an Oasis Falafel Wrap - Only $6.29


Baked falafel patties on a flour wrap, topped with baby kale, tomato, onions, cucumber and Sriracha mayo. Chips or fruit are included. 

Congratulations to Amanda Williams - February ABCD Award Winner!

News This what her supervisor had to say about her: 

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Amanda Williams for the February 2017 Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award. Amanda is the Student Manager at Wiley Dining Court. Throughout Purdue Dining & Catering, we have put a strong focus on utilizing people’s strengths. I can see all of Amanda’s strengths in her work ethic and leadership. Before she was the Student Manager, Amanda, as a Student Supervisor-in-Training took the lead on planning out the Wiley Spring 2016 Awards dinner. Although I provided a basic outline to her, she took that information and transformed it. She gathered help from fellow Supervisors and was dedicated to making the dinner a success. Her paper plate awards were well received and appreciated by those in attendance. She is currently planning this year’s celebration, and is already spreading the word to increase attendance to the event. Amanda’s top 3 themes are developer, empathy, and connectedness. Amanda strives to build relationships with all of the students she works with. By connecting with them, she gets a good sense of their fit at Wiley and their potential for growth. During her shifts, she makes it a point to learn something new about one of her student employees. She has an innate ability to make all of the students around her feel appreciated, needed, and united together. She not only builds that relationship, she also influences those students to work harder and to set higher standards for themselves. Recently, she had to pull aside a Student Cook who was not following directions while working in the dish room. He was agitated about the situation, so she pulled him into the office for a private conversation. She turned a disciplinary conversation into a coaching moment, as they worked through to figure out what had happened. There were tears shed by both, as they figured out that it was not that he did not want to follow the directions, it was that there was a miscommunication between the two. I can say without a doubt that the morale among students is much better because of her. Amanda is also an activator. When she makes a decision she is quick to act. When tasked with fixing the Student Supervisor schedule for the Spring 2017 semester, she jumped in with a creative solution. For the first two weeks of classes, she made it mandatory that the Student Supervisors each pick up 1 extra shift per week. During that time she looked at the schedule, matched to each Student Supervisor class/club availability and fixed it appropriately. She communicated exceptionally well to all involved to dispel any confusion. As her first official task as Student Manager, she surprised me at how well worked through the problem. I can tell how well the Student Supervisors respect her, as they followed through without argument. Over the past few years, we have fallen short of our staffing goal on student employees. Because of this, we have been forced to become more creative and come up with solutions to different issues. One issue was the afternoon deep clean. Unable to have a dedicated deep clean staff, Amanda re-developed the cleaning lists. Her lists are now based off of a two week rotation, split up by the day. She has it laid out so that you can see the tasks that need to be done, as well as a description on how to do it. It is very organized and works well for the staff we have currently. As an achiever, she has a great deal of stamina. In the two years that Amanda has worked here, she has accumulated 28 positive points. She has come as extra help 19 times. She worked on the Gingerbread House project 2 years in a row. She pushes her student supervisors to be the best that they can be. These are the reasons that Amanda should be awarded the Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award.

Purdue 360 - Enjoy Cultural Dining Week March 27-31!


Experience - Connect - Learn
Each day, a different dining court will be serving food during dinner inspired by different cultures as a part of Purdue Dining & Catering's Diversity, Art and Cultural Events.

Monday, March 27 - Windsor - Africa
Tuesday, March 28 - Wiley - Brazil
Wednesday, March 29 - Earhart, Germany
Thursday, March 30 - Hillenbrand, Italy
Friday, March 31 - Ford, Mexico

To view full dinner menus, please visit

Join Us For Pig Stock at The Gathering Place


Join us March 30th - the last day the Gathering Place will be open, from 4:30-8:00 p.m.
We will be having an outdoor event for dinner, featuring a smoker, BBQ and a live band!

You won't want to miss this!

Exclusive to Flex Meal Plan Holders - 2017 Spring Specials Just For You!


March 9 • 2-4 p.m. - Boiler Size Baked Potato Bar

Enjoy a Baked Potato with select toppings at Ford Dining Court

April 5 • 7-9 a.m. - MYO Smoothie and Yogurt Bar

Enjoy Smoothies and Yogurt with homemade granola at Wiley Dining Court

April 19 • 3-5 p.m. - Cinnamon Rolls and Iced Coffee

Enjoy homemade Cinnamon Rolls with Iced Coffee at Windsor Dining Court

Check Out What's On the Menu at Earhart Dining Court


Steak Available All Day Every Day
How About Stir Fry?
Sushi Sushi Sushi Available Monday - Friday

Take some ice cream out with you - Cones available at Earhart Dining Court!

Purdue Dining & Catering Upgrades Through Academic Partnerships


No one likes waiting in line, but the lines are a little shorter at the Lemongrass restaurant in the Purdue Memorial Union thanks to some literal engineering by Purdue students.

The results of an Industrial Engineering 431 senior design capstone project include an average 23 percent reduction in wait time in line at Lemongrass, a Far East eatery in the Union Commons that shares a space with sushi spot Ah-Z. Based on daily traffic, that reduction in time in line adds up to two hours saved for Lemongrass and Ah-Z customers every day, time that could be better spent in a classroom or study lounge. Additionally, the four-student team proposed a new digital self-service ordering system and redesigned seating layout for the restaurants.

IE 431 classes together complete 20-30 projects per semester with organizations within the industrial, governmental, financial, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Most of the organizations are Indiana businesses, but one last semester was as far away as British Columbia, Canada.

Purdue Dining & Catering has been partnering consistently with the class for 7-10 years, and Dave Kotterman, director of industry relations for the School of Industrial Engineering, recalled classmates doing projects on campus dining when he was an industrial engineering student himself in the 1980s.

“Dining & Catering is one of our more substantial and consistent customers. They are so good about giving us projects, and it’s all about increasing student service and satisfaction of the dining experience here at Purdue,” Kotterman said. “They’re always trying to improve, which I think is a great characteristic of a management team that gets it.”

Each senior project lasts the duration of a semester, with up to 100 hours of work per student. Students are mentored by a graduate student and a faculty member and meet weekly with an organizational representative, like manager of student success Mary Jo Zeiser for Dining & Catering. The teams act as consulting groups, tracking costs within a hypothetical $60,000 budget. Nearly half of the projects from the fall semester reported cost savings through their projects, with average annual real-world savings of $73,868 for those sponsoring organizations.

“One thing we do stress is to actually introduce engineering concepts and quantify our outcomes,” Kotterman said. “It’s one thing to be anecdotal in nature, but we really stress working the engineering side and the business side – cost-savings and engineering concepts like minimizing waste and improving efficiency, and relaying that back to the dollar values that we save customers.”

Along with the Lemongrass project, engineering students studied line queueing in the dining courts and the efficiency of the Hillenbrand Dining Court take back program last fall. In the spring semester, IE 431 teams are doing projects on operational efficiency of Harrison Grillé, Pete’s Za and the Daily Bite food truck; Ford Dining Court outside patio layout and design; and efficiency in the Purdue Memorial Union catering kitchen and dish room.

Students have a hand in helping put forth ideas as well. Dining & Catering administrators meet monthly with a student advisory group, which has more than 40 students this semester.

“A couple of the projects we’re working on now were recommended by our student advisory group,” said Greg Minner, director of Dining & Catering. “We talk to them about the projects we’re working on and ask them about ideas for more projects.”

Dining & Catering’s academic partnerships also extend to the Department of Agricultural Economics, which initiated a waste management study in the dining courts that will begin in March, and to the Department of Food Science, which has a team of students preparing a new type of chicken wing for qualitative testing in Ford Dining Court this month. Last year Dining conducted research in partnership with Food Science on locally-sourced soybean oil’s cooking performance and impact on food quality.

“At the University of Alabama, their engineering students worked with athletics on a medical tent. The university was working closely with their engineering departments to solve problems,” said Tom Coleman, director of retail dining for Dining & Catering. “That’s how we should be themed – taking advantage of our academics and putting them to use.”

Writer: Matt Watson,
Sources: Greg Minner, director of Purdue Dining & Catering,
Tom Coleman, director of Retail Dining,
Dave Kotterman, director of industry relations for the School of Industrial Engineering,

Come Enjoy a BBQ Chicken Salad at Port


Port's BBQ Chicken Salad is a healthy yet satisfying mix of Cheddar Cheese, Onion, Tomato, Cucumber, Romaine Lettuce, Grilled Chicken and a Tangy BBQ Sauce - Try One Today!

Pappy's Lent Special


Pappy's Lent Special is a Clam Strip basket, including breaded clam strips, hush puppies, slaw and cocktail sauce for $6.49

The Gathering Place will be offering a RENT Themed Meal March 29


RENT THEMED MEAL to include:

Tossed Mesclun Salad with Raspberries & Dried Cherries
Beer-battered Bananas
Waldorf Salad

Soy Burgers
Pasta with Meatless Meatballs
Rice, Beans, Cheese Burritos
Fries with House-made Planks
Miso Soup

Curry Vindaloo
Jasmine Rice Bowls