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Campus Support


Effective December 18, 2015 Food Stores will no longer have facilities to offer freezer storage on campus.  Options are available to work with our remote freezer and refrigerated supplier.  Contact Food Stores for additional information.  Ambient research projects must be food stable and are approved on a project-by-project basis.


In addition to products for food service departments, Food Stores can help with sourcing food-related items for academics, or any department on campus. These are subject to pre-approval by Food Stores and the department of Environmental Health-REM. Potential suppliers must have recent successful Board of Health inspections and conform to the standard terms and conditions on the Purchase Order. For reoccurring needs, Food Stores may set up Standing Orders.

Departments are encouraged to utilize Purdue Catering whenever possible. In the event Purdue Catering does not meet your needs, a list of approved compliant providers with contact information, including Dining & Culinary Caterer’s, can be accessed here: Compliant Providers

Beverage Agreement

The University has contractual obligations to utilize Coca-Cola™ products for cold beverage requirements.

Food Service Equipment for Employee Use

Refrigerators, microwave ovens, coffee makers and dishwashers may be purchased for areas that are designated employee lounges, or areas regularly used by employees during lunch periods for eating carry-in meals. One-Purdue routing for this equipment should include appropriate departmental approvers in addition to the fiscal routing. Food Stores-Purchasing Services will determine equipment specifications, and will follow the standard bid process as projected costs warrant. The department will be responsible for maintaining the equipment in a safe and sanitary fashion and will be charged for any costs associated with installation, repair and replacement of equipment. Small appliances for personal office space (coffee makers, toasters, can openers, utensils etc.) cannot be purchased with University controlled funds.


Food Stores is responsible for the execution of agreements for the installation and operation of all vending machines on campus. For all service issues on vending machines on campus, please provide the building name and location of the machine, contact person, type of vending machine and the issue that you are experiencing and if it is a coke machine, please provide the outlet # listed on the tag on the front of the machine and send the information to

Obtaining vending machines

A request for moving or requesting new vending machines for any particular area should be submitted by the building deputy to Dave Hardy @ Food Stores The selected location will be reviewed and any cost associated with preparing the site for machines (electrical work, water lines, etc.) will be charged to the requesting department in self-supporting areas. In academic and administrative buildings, the cost for site preparation will be paid from central funds.