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Eric Shaffer - Student Supervisor - Wily Dining Court

Student Employment in Purdue Dining & Culinary

Looking for a way to earn some extra spending money and meet friends? We invite all students to work for the award winning Purdue Dining & Culinary department. In Dining & Culinary we have experience with the student workforce and know that academics are your top priority. Most of our students work 8-12 hours per week. We hire both work study and non-work study students. No experience is necessary to apply. Students working in Dining & Culinary receive a meal benefit for each shifted worked. Purdue Dining & Culinary is flexible with scheduling around academics and extra-curricular activities. In fact, data reveals that students who work a part-time job do better academically than students who choose not to work.

Career and Life Skills

Purdue Dining & Culinary offers many opportunities for students to learn and master skills that employers are looking for, such as time management, how to relate to others, problem solving, how to handle conflict, multi-tasking and leadership. We have a wide variety of jobs for students to choose from along with promotional opportunities for students to work on these skills in a learning, educational, and understanding environment.


"Not only did I gain very useful leadership and basic work skills, I learned to manage my time, money and skills to prepare myself for the real world. (It) allowed me to hone in on my managerial skills which have played a big part in my success at my current job, working for the New York Mets." ~ Doug Dickey, Student Supervisor

“Jobs for international students are limited. You cannot work off-campus so this was a convenient job that helped me pay bills while I lived in the States. I made so many friends there, and all I had to do was walk downstairs to get to work.” ~Teresita Aviléz, Student Supervisor

“When I started out my freshman year, I was the typical scared freshman. I came from a tiny high school in a tiny town, and knew very few people on campus. I also had no meal plan. At first I looked forward to my meal shifts because of the free meal I got. Later, Ford is where I made my friends and is what helped me get through my years here. The place is like a big family.” ~ Bradley Knoblock, Student Manager