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JUST Water - Infused Spring Water, Plant based cap, Paper-based bottle, Responsibly sourced - available in Organic Lemon Infused, Organic Tangerine infused and Organic Apple Cinnamon Infused flavors

JUST Water is A system that is out to change everything. We don't pump our water and go. We partner with a small city in upstate New York to buy their excess spring water a 6x the municipal water rate, which puts more money into their local economy. Then we package it up in a bottle made from 54 percent paper and 28 percent plant based plastic, totaling 82 percent renewable content, which means up to 74 percent les carbon emissions vs. similarly sized plastic bottles. Slogan - If you're going to drink bottled water, this one's better for everyone.

NOW AVAILABLE AT: Tarkington, 3rd Street and Urban Markets and Catalyst Café